Ok,so we can all agree that Author Authority is one of the strongest powers on this wiki and i know Omnipotence can never lose But hear me out on this one,okay? if a Fictional character has Author Authority(which is the power of the author themselves.) would that give him/her absolute authority over everything on their fictional verse,even beyond the supreme being of that verse because the surpreme being is just a part of that fiction? If this Character wants to usurp or beat the omnipotent being of that verse, can't he/she just do it because the character is literally the author and wrote/drew that being into their fictional existence and made/wrote them to be all powerful in the first place? I know nothing can ever beat the truly supreme being of a verse and if that did happen then the omnipotent being was never omnipotent in the first place,but the author's word in everything and absolute right? So if the author made that happen it's undoubtedly true right? And fiction is known to throw logic out the window. Even the omnipotence being of that verse can't truly hold much of a candle to the author/writer because without them they can't even operate and not just them but even every character,Setting,storyline, ETC wouldn't go on right? What's fictional omnipotence without someone to write,tell or narrate the story/narrative?

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