We all know about the Five elements. Earth, Wind, Fire, Lightning, and Water. They are the basis for all of the elemental powers on this site. But the thing is, they seem a bit boring, at least to me. I fear they are becoming too plain in combat and have weaknesses that EVERYONE knows about. I think there is a better version of the elements, with each miing the aspects of each other with a more unique appearance.

For Eample:

Plasma = Fire + Lightning

Snow/Ice = Water + Wind

Magma = Earth + Fire

Dust = Wind + Earth

Storm = Lightning + Wind

Based On The Wu Xing Wheel

Fire + Wood = Smoke/Ash

Water + Metal = Cloud/Mist

Earth + Fire = Magma

Wood + Earth = Magnetism/Dust

Metal + Water = Storm

Note this is just my prototype. If any of you have better ideas, please reply with them.

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