The ability to keep things from going in or out of one's body through any/all entry. Sub-power of Body Manipulation and Orifice manipulation. Variation of Protection.

Also Called

  • Bodily Hole Defense
  • Orifice Protection


The user can keep anything, whether inorganic or organic, in or out of their body by any/all entry; be it the holes or gaps in their body where anything can come in through or out of, which will not happen with this power.

In several cases, this also protects the user from Sensory Overload by protecting their ear holes and nostrils.




  • May not be able to keep all substances, organic or inorganic, in or out of the body.
  • May have limited to no movement during power activation.
  • May be limited to certain bodily entries, such as cuts, ears, or nose.

Known Users


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