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The power to gain power from bodily fluids usually by ingestion. Sub-power of Bodily Fluid Manipulation. Variation of Metabolization and Life-Force Absorption.

Also Called

  • Bodily Fluid Draining/Sucking/Sustenance


The user can absorb (usually by ingesting) the bodily fluids of others for either sustenance, offensive, defensive, or regenerative purposes.





  • May need to continually ingest bodily fluid to survive.
  • If target's bodily fluid contains something the user is vulnerable, they are essentially ingesting it directly.
  • Usually requires user to feed via mouth and fangs, drinking it as opposed to simple contact.
  • Does not work on anything that does not have bodily fluids, such as most robots or machines.
  • Poisonous Bodily Fluids, unless users must have Poison Immunity.

Known Users

  • SCP-166 - Teenage Succubus (SCP Foundation)
  • Carnage (Ultimate Marvel)
  • Magus performing a mana transfer (Nasuverse)
  • Setsuna (Redo of Healer)


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