The ability to bring body art of oneself and/or others to life. Sub-power of Tattoo Manipulation, variation of Artistic Creation.

Also Called

  • Tattoo Animation
  • Tattoo Materialization


The user can bring their and/or others body art/tattoos to life, manifesting weapons and use whatever illustrations are placed on them as art to materialize. For example, pulling a knife out of a knife tattoo for utility for self-defense purposes.



  • Can be overpowered by users of Ink Manipulation or Tattoo Manipulation.
  • Items used are only as good as they were drawn (EX: Poor knife tattoo may not be as sharp as a higher quality one)
  • Tattoos can be removed.
  • Animated creatures or weapons could be used against the user.

Known Users

  • Lydia (Danny Phantom)
  • The Tattooed Man (DC Comics)
  • Tattooed (Electra)
  • Maui (Moana)
  • Curtis Dean Mays (Reaper)
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