The ability to distort of body and parts without them changing back. Sub-power of Body Manipulation and Reshaping.

Also Called

  • Body Part Distortion
  • Body Plasticity
  • Plasticity
  • Plasticity Inducement


The user can alter the shape, length, size, etc. of the body or body parts of themselves or others while making the body or parts unable to revert back to their normal shape and size. They can make their own or others' arms, legs, head or torso crooked, zigzagged, spiral, etc. and stay that way until changed or undone.

Unlike Limb Extension and Limb Expansion, the effects are not temporary, and can even be permanent, making the user or others possibly stuck in awkward body shapes. And this power can work on the whole body, too.




  • May have a limit on how they can bend body or parts.
  • May render selves unable to do certain actions.
  • May be unable to undo the effects.
  • Effects may revert back to normal if the user is knocked out or killed.
  • Altered body parts may be painful to move in.

Known User

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