The power to have incredible body part maneuverability.

Also called

  • Body Part Maneuvering


The user has incredible maneuverability with their body parts, including limbs, torso, head, etc., being able to move perfectly/gracefully and change direction at remarkable speeds at short radii.




  • Some forces, like currents, sticky liquids and some physical forces can disrupt movement.
  • May require great skill or require training to achieve such skill.
  • It is possible for other things and people to disrupt movement of the body parts, and the user can still be bound by bindings.
  • Only allows for flow of maneuvers of body parts, not being free from all obstructions such as bindings, weights and other movement hindering obstructions.
  • Cannot actually run fast or do other locomotive movements fast; user just moves their body parts well.

Known Users

  • Teremarthu (Dawn of the Dragons)
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