The power to switch one's body parts with another that they have.

Also Called

  • Appendage Switching
  • Body Part Replacement


The user can change parts of their body with other body-part or with a object. For example, the user can turn their hand into a drill, gun or a wrench or turn their leg into a wheel, or a head into a periscope. These things are usually stored inside the user's body, and the method of changing can be done via shapeshifting body parts or retracting body parts in and replacing them with a different body part or object/weapon.




  • May take time to replace or switch.
  • May be limited in duration.
  • May be limited in terms of number of objects/body parts they can change their existing parts into.

Known Users

  • UR-2 (Care Bears)
  • Numbertaker (Numberjacks)
  • Lord Drillion (Power Rangers Ninja Steel)
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