The power to be perfectly aware of, familiar with and in control of one's bodily motions.

Also Called

  • Body Mastery
  • Free Motion


The user has fine control over the movements of one’s muscles and can move with remarkable grace and athletic and acrobatic skill. However, not only does it allow one to take control over one's own motions, it allows one to resist or withstand motor control by others (such as that which is possible by Possession, Telekinesis and Blood Manipulation).



  • Photographic Reflexes: by watching others, and voluntarily imitating their motions exactly.



  • This ability only allows control over voluntary actions; any involuntary actions or processes (like metabolism or heartbeat) are still uncontrolled by the user.
  • While the user's mind could be dominated, the user's nerves are under his control alone (so the user's movements can't be dominated).
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