The power to take on the abilities of a Boo Hag, a mix of Skinwalker and Night Hag Physiology.

Also Called

  • Boo Hag Mimicry


Users of this ability have the ability to take on the traits of a Boo Hag or are one, a Boo Hag is a special kind of Night Hag that is found in modern American folklore, especially that of "hoodoo", envisioned as horrific demons resembling flayed old women they could wear the skin of others in order to disguise themselves as human but during the hours of night would fly into homes and drain people of life, often "riding" them and causing similar disturbances as the Night Hags.

Boo Hags prefer to keep victims alive but are known to engage in some horrific acts, most notably flaying a victim alive if they struggle too much, this is another distinguishing feature between them and the more ghostly Night Hags (who do not tend to physically mutilate victims).





  • May be warded off by varied rituals, spells or holy relics.
  • Only active during the hours of night and must return to their skin before sunrise or be cursed to never again be able to wear said skin.

Known Users

  • Boo Hags (American Folklore)
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