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"This inner world is truly infinite, in no way poorer than the outer one."
― C.G. Jung
"Introverts are offered keys to private gardens full of riches. To possess such a key is to tumble like Alice down her rabbit hole. She didn't choose to go to Wonderland - but she made of it an adventure that was fresh and fantastic and very much her own."
― Susan Cain

The power to possess a limitless inner world. Variation of Personal Reality and Personal Domain. Absolute version of Inner World.

Also Called

  • Absolute Inner Domain
  • Absolute Inner World
  • Limitless/Infinite Inner World
  • Ultimate Internal Dimension/Reality/Universe/Multiverse


Users possesses an absolute, perfect and limitless world within themselves that is infinitely filled with great knowledge and grand potential which can be use for any given advantage or circumstances. This inner reality is by nature an endless plane that resides within the users which can bestow them a more truer status of omnipotence within their worlds that can make them extremely powerful if not the most powerful beings in such inner existence.

Depending on the nature and boundlessness of the inner world; users have unlimited possibilities at their disposal that grants a grand variety things that they can use to accomplish absolutely anything from drawing limitless power and knowledge, acquiring new powerful abilities or even overtaking the outer world for a selective amount of time and reshaping it to their desires, allowing them sovereignty over the "outer" world.

Users can be viewed as transcendent beings in and out of their world, capable of just about anything through them. However within one’s world, users are truly absolute beings of their own making, anything that is pulled into their world are completely under their power as well as anything that comes out will be forever bound to them.

Those extremely powerful and rare who have total and complete control over their inner world can perform even greater feats such as imbuing themselves with unimaginable power and peerless status effectively making themselves into an undoubtedly all-powerful being of their world, designing and redefining their inner worlds as they see fit, like for example turning it into multiple universes, a borderless plane, a limitless void, or any other place, creating/erasing life, making absolutely any entities they can imagine and summon them to their aid at will, intentionally or unintentionally manifest inner beings that protects the user against any threat, punish or torment intruders, or empowers them to achieve their goals.

Ultimately, depending on the amount of control and mastery the user has over their boundless inner world, could show how much benevolent or malevolent they can really be as the possibilities for them are essentially endless.




Known Users

  • Satoru Gojo (Jujutsu Kaisen)
  • Venom (Marvel Comics); only in Venom: The End
  • Die Ewigkeit Sorcerers (Shinza Bansho); via achieving Aztiluth and Kamunagara
    • Ren Fuji/Tenma Yato
    • Reinhard Heydrich
    • Mercurius
    • Marie
    • Tenma Sukuna
    • Tenma Ootake
    • Tenma Morei
    • Tenma Akuro
    • Tenma Numahime
    • Tenma Momiji
    • Niko and Teirei