The power to use the abilities of brands in a form of an entity. Variation of Icon Physiology.

Also Called

  • Brand Entity Form/Mimicry


User with this ability either is or can transform into brand entity, beings behind the different kinds of brands. They can be in any form depending on what brand they represent or endorse. Most of their forms are alien-like monsters with the impression of "Guardianship" or "Loyalty" within their prior masters.


  • Absorption - by eliminating each of any competitors, they all consume each other by absorbing/eating them literally.
  • Companion Allegiance - only exist and become more enhanced in terms of hosts (in the Film Branded's case, the people/consumers are the hosts of the products Entity Monsters represents), for as long as the hosts continues to patronage the product in which they are representing.
  • Destruction - since all of the monster entities are vile competitors of brands, they are all capable on destructing each others.
  • Monster Physiology
  • Monster Soul
  • Size Enhancement - when consumers of the brands continues to "feed" on them, they are able to grow more and mutate to even scarier/creepier beings.



  • Each competitor may not know their own limitations, as they can be devoured easily or they will be the one devouring.

Known Users

  • Beef Boss (Fortnite)
  • Tomato Head (Fortnite)
  • Brand Monster Entities (Branded Film)
  • Ikes (Foodfight!)
  • Hexus (Living Corporation)
  • Advertising Monsters (The Simpsons)