The power to use the abilities of a Buggane. A mix of Giant, Troll and Fairy Physiology.

Also Called

  • Buggane Mimicry


Users of this ability can take on the traits of a Buggane (or are one), the Buggane is a malicious troll-like monster from Manx folklore that often travels the land causing havoc, sometimes purely out of their own will or as enforcers of retribution by fairies: Bugganes have fearsome powers that allow them to cause serious damage if they feel like it, often tearing the roofs off homes and one particularly powerful Buggane even engaged in a landscape-altering fight with an Irish Giant.

They are normally depicted as large hairy humanoid monsters with multiple tusks and tend to be solitary creatures, due to their vicious natures.





  • Same vulnerabilities as most fairy folk (cold iron, religious icons).
  • Giant Slayers may be able to harm them as they share many similarities with Trolls and other Giant Kin.

Known Users

  • Buggane (Manx Folklore)
  • Storm Creatures (My Little Pony series)
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