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The power to fire bullets of energy/matter from one's own body. Sub-power of Attack Powers. Variation of Projectile Attacks.


The user can fire bullets of energy/matter (whether organic, inorganic, objects, etc.) from their own body as opposed to a firearm.





  • May be limited to the number of energy levels/ammunition, unless the user has infinite power/bullets.
  • Bullets' small size may cause insignificant damage, depending on energy input.
  • Bulletproof Durability is the perfect counter.

Known Users


  • Adam (Buffy the Vampire Slayer)
  • Albert Heinrich/Cyborg 004 (Cyborg 009)
  • KGBeast (DC Comics)
  • Pirate Robot (Dragon Ball)
  • Dragonzord (Mighty Morphin Power Rangers)
  • Turrets (New Blood Interactive's DUSK)
  • Franky (One Piece)
  • Vanessa Diodati (Senki Zesshou Symphogear XV)
  • E-102 Gamma (Sonic the Hedgehog)
  • E-123 Omega (Sonic the Hedgehog)
  • Loki (Son of the Mask)
  • Andross (StarFox)
  • Snifits (Super Mario)
  • Bill Blasters (Super Mario)
  • Master Hand (Super Smash Bros.)
  • Crazy Hand (Super Smash Bros.)
  • Grey the Ninelives (Trigun)


  • Durham Glaster (Black Cat)
  • Coyote Starrk (Bleach)
  • Arrancar (Bleach)
  • Nemu Kurotsuchi (Bleach)
  • Andrew (Chronicle)
  • Danny Fenton/Phantom (Danny Phantom)
  • Tyr (DC Comics)
  • Paildramon (Digimon)
  • Ki Blast Users (Dragon Ball series)
  • Hades (Fairy Tail)
  • Trevor Zeitlan (Heroes)
  • Sylar (Heroes)
  • Franklin (Hunter x Hunter)
  • Bloster (Hunter x Hunter)
  • Donquixote Doflamingo (One Piece)
  • Trafalgar D. Water Law (One Piece)
  • Sora's Wisdom Form (Kingdom Hearts)
  • Tony Stark/Iron Man (Marvel Comics)
  • Shane Shooter (Marvel Comics)
  • Random (Marvel Comics)
  • Ballistique (Marvel Comics)
  • Bunnie D'Coolette (Archie's Sonic the Hedgehog)
  • Tabuu (Super Smash Bros. Brawl)
  • Hiro Shishigami (Inuyashiki)
  • Reisen Udongein Inaba (Touhou Project)
  • Yusuke Urameshi (Yu Yu Hakusho)
  • Rando (Yu Yu Hakusho)
  • Shinobu Sensui (Yu Yu Hakusho); via "Kazuya" personality
  • Rodeaux (Zatch Bell!)
  • Riya (Zatch Bell!)
  • Gyaron (Zatch Bell!)
  • Belgim E.O (Zatch Bell!)
  • Frisk (Undertale); when their soul is turned yellow by Alphys's Advanced Technology
  • Cuphead (Cuphead)
  • Mugman (Cuphead)


  • BurningGreymon (Digimon)
  • Aldamon (Digimon)
  • Laxus Dreyar (Fairy Tail)
  • Suigetsu Hozuki (Naruto)
  • Mangetsu Hozuki (Naruto)
  • Gengetsu Hozuki (Naruto)
  • Danzo Shimura (Naruto)
  • Borsalino/Kizaru (One Piece)
  • Portgas D. Ace (One Piece)
  • Pokémon that know Bullet Seed (Pokémon)
  • Deku Scrubs (The Legend of Zelda)
  • Ghirahim (The Legend of Zelda)
  • Younger Toguro (Yu Yu Hakusho)


  • Ultimate Humungousaur (Ben 10)
  • Highbreed (Ben 10)
  • Grimmjow Jaegerjaquez (Bleach)
  • Gio Vega (Bleach)
  • Gear REX (Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker)
  • Gunhead (My Hero Academia)
  • Kimimaro (Naruto)
  • Panther King (Inuyasha)
  • Mr. 5 (One Piece)
  • Tricorne Oozes (Resident Evil: Revelations)


  • Barret Wallace (Compilation of Final Fantasy VII)
  • Mega Man (Mega Man)
  • Various Mega Men Generations (Mega Man)
  • Santana (JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Part II Battle Tendency)
  • Foo Fighters (JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Part 6: Stone Ocean)
  • Miss Fortune (League of Legends)
  • Samus Aran (Metroid)