"You can't change who people are without destroying who they were."
― Jason Treborn (The Butterfly Effect)

The power to cause a chaotic chain reaction from many different causes to many different effects. Combination of Causality Manipulation and Chaos Manipulation. Variation of Domino Effect and System Manipulation.

Also Called

  • Chaos-Causalian Manipulation
  • Chaos Theory
  • Nonlinear System Manipulation


User can control the Butterfly effect, i.e. all the different causes and their reaction that can have a huge net effect on the whole system. All the causes may be small and completely unrelated to each other in both space and time, yet they can cause many big things in the flow of time which no one can predict. Notable example: a butterfly flapping its wings can cause a hurricane several weeks after.




  • Cause and/or outcome may be unpredictable.
  • Even the users are unable to control the entirety of the system.
  • When it begins, there is no way to stop it.

Known Users

  • Sid and Shelby (Best Friends Whenever)
  • Evan Treborn (The Butterfly Effect - Film); via Time Travel
  • Jason Treborn (The Butterfly Effect - Film); via Time Travel
  • Nick Larson (The Butterfly Effect 2 - Film); via Time Travel
  • Sam Reide (The Butterfly Effect 3 - Film); via Time Travel
  • The Flash/Barry Allen (DC Comics); briefly during The Flashpoint event.
  • The Vestige (Elder Scrolls Online); via Time Travel
  • Hiro Nakamura (Heroes); via Time Travel
  • Main Characters of the Film (JOLOGS)
  • Maxine Caulfield (Life is Strange)
  • Nathaniel Renko (Singularity); via TMD
  • Asuna Kagurazaka (UQ Holder)
  • Light Fairy (Valkyrie Crusade)


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