"Then how about we heal you from...Stage 4 stomach cancer?"
""cough" "cough" "No."
― Zachariah and Dean Winchester (Supernatural S5E1: Sympathy for the Devil)
" I wonder if I should kill you now...or just give you cancer. "
― Doctor Phosphorus to Stephanie Brown/Batgirl (DC Comics)
"Hello, I'm the Chen Lu, the Radioactive Man. I can kill you instantly with radiation from my body, even if you do not let me. I could be killing you right now. Cancer takes a while to show up."
― Chen Lu, the Radioactive Man to John Porter (Marvel Comics)

The power to induce cancer and cancerous tumors/cells. Variation of Disease Inducement.

Also Called

  • Tumor Inducement


The user can induce cancer and any kind of cancerous tumor or growth.



Known Users

Known Objects

  • Cancer Ray (Harley Quinn)


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