The ability to use the abilities of a Carbuncle. Variation of Mythical Bestiary.

Also Called

  • Carbuncle Mimicry


The user is or has the ability to take on the form of Carbuncle, small nocturnal, herbivorous animal that make their homes in the mountains of Paraguay, Argentina, and Chile. While descriptions of these creatures vary wildly, most agree that they are small animals with a mirror or gem set in their foreheads. These gems are generally described as red and glow like fire in the dark, but carbuncles have a lid, hood, or curtain they can use to cover their gems when necessary. They are usually quadrupeds, but have occasionally been observed with more legs.

One of the most prominent legends claims they are a little larger than mice, shaped like an ear of corn, with two-part shells. A bluish-white light that can be seen from a league away shines from within the shell, but they can close up and conceal themselves to look like an ordinary rock.

Another source describes one specimen as looking a lot like a weasel, with smooth, dark brown fur. It had a long head, large eyes, and a short tail that was a little less bushy than a squirrel's. Its gem was hidden by a hood of skin that had to be pulled back to see it. In yet another account the curtains they use to cover their gems have "beautiful plumage", implying that the animals are feathered. This description also mentions beautiful spots on their breasts.

Carbuncles are nocturnal, herbivorous animals that make their homes in the mountains of Paraguay, Argentina, and Chile. At night they come out of hiding to search for food and water, and they can be observed because of the bright glow from their gems. They normally appear as bright lights that change locations each night, but are easily distinguishable from bonfires made by humans. They are often, but not always, sighted in groups of two or more.

They are difficult or even impossible to capture due to a variety of factors. Their fine hearing allows them to sense most dangers, and their small size, agility, and jumping prowess makes them quick to escape. When injured or threatened, they produce a bright flash from the gemstones in their foreheads, then obscure their gems entirely with the lid or curtain on their head. Any pursuers are blinded, then left in total darkness while the carbuncle flees.




Known Users

  • Carbuncle (Final Fantasy series)
    • Carbuncle (Final Fantasy XV)
    • Largebuncle (World Of Final Fantasy)
  • Cholan (Monster Musume: Everyday Life with Monster Girls Online)
  • Carbink (Pokémon)
  • Diancie (Pokémon)
  • Crystal Beast Ruby Carbuncle (Yu-Gi-Oh! GX)


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