Haki Edelweiss
Haki Edelweiss at 17
Haki Edelweiss 17
Alignment Himself

Void Lord

Race Dragonoid


Laterality ???
Gender Male
Age 19
Birthday ???
Blood Type ???
Personal Data
Affiliation Shinsei Clan


Occupation Lord


Base of Operations None
Family Maria Edelweiss (mother)

Jiyuu Shinsei (father)

Azalea Shinsei (cousin)

Sora Shinsei (uncle)

Junan Shinsei (aunt)

Favourite Food Chicken breast
Hair Color wine red
Eye Color Cyan blue
Height 178cm
Weight ???
Power Lightning, Light, Wind, Storm element magic, extrasensory, Extra arm creation, Meteor summoning, all movement, and all energy manipulation
Hobbies Muscle training,
Forte in sports Heavy lifting
Weapon Shimostuki: Null magic gauntlet
Fighting style Freestyle



Haki Edelweiss



11-12 Haki was skinny, short and malnourished. His skin was sickly pale and under his cyan blue eyes, most of the time were large bags. His dirty wine red hair was to about shoulders since he rarely could cut it. He uses a large black shirt and tattered shorts His clothes are stolen. and black belt with Shinsei Crest

17 Haki was lean and about 170cm tall and his muscles are defined. His skin was healthy and the bags under his eyes were still visible but not as much as when he was younger his. His hair was no longer dirty nor long. He uses a white short-sleeved open t-shirt and under it, he wears a black turtle-neck shirt with white rings on his wrists. he has dark blue to nearly black jeans and black boots. His belt's buckle has Shinsei clan crest craved into.

19 Haki was about 178cm tall with well-defined muscles and a wide smile. His pupils have turned into C shape with a slit going over them. His right arm was chopped off so Shimotsuki was engineered to work as an artificial arm. he uses the same clothes as 17 but little bigger

30 Haki is about 180 cm tall man with well-defined muscles and short beard, his hair is shorter then what he had in his teens. and under his eyes are three black upside triangles.


Haki is an ideological person with big dreams and he doesn't know when to give up. He values friends high because he didn't have others then Jenne as a child. He is more gullible than most and that is why he depends on Jennie a lot. Even though he happy most of the time he has large problems with self-control and anger management which is why he can sometimes be extremely aggressive. Due to trauma what happened in his past his Dragonoid self Tina sealed his emotion for love away to make sure that he won't get hurt again which is the reason he doesn't understand it very well.


Haki's father is Jiyuu, a free-willed criminal and lord. who does what he wants, sleeps with who he wants, kills who he wants and takes what he wants. And Haki's mother is Maria, a prostitute who sells herself and steals to provide for herself. Maria fell in love with Jiyuu and let Jiyuu sleep with her for free just so she could bear Jiyuu's child. Jiyuu didn't care about Maria and accepted the offer only if he didn't need to live with her or provide for her and Haki. Even though he didn't care for them he left his belt with Shinsei crest so if Haki wanted he could proclaim his place in Shinsei clan, he also forgot his Null magic gauntlet. During Maria's pregnancy, she was depended on thievery and murder because she refused to sell the items which she could have obtained a fortune from so she could give them to Haki as a gift from his father When Haki was born she went back to being a prostitute. Even after all hardships, she had gone through she still loved and cherished Haki with all her heart. Which caused her to become malnourished so she could feed Haki better. When Haki was 11 was her mother executed via Churches command for committing murder, thievery, prostitution and the worst of them bearing a child with one of the strongest Lords. This nearly killed Haki's will to live but he continued stealing food and hiding from church who had outlawed and given him a bounty for being a child two criminals because of his mother who had told him to survive. This is also when Tina woke up within Haki's consciousness and sealed away his emotion for love to protect him from heartbreak. Haki and Tina became friends but when Haki was 12 he met an orphan girl named Jennie who soon grew into inseparable friends and Tina fell asleep again. Together Haki and Jennie decided to become stronger and one day leave the city where they were born and venture to the lawless lands and criminal paradise called Eden. When Haki was 17 he and Jennie were ready to start their journey.

Powers: Chaos lord

Abilities summary

Before Haki Become God he had a couple of different power sources such as the basic spells and abilities available for everyone within the verse, his Dragonoid and Dragon genetics, his Deva realm energy and lastly his symbiotic relationship with WInd spirit Susanoo.

Basic abilities

Mental states

  • Shoshin - It accelerates "fighter's" thought process. Shoshin is a Zen Buddhist concept of beginners.
    • Zanshin - It gives user extrasensory perception. Zanshin is a state of total alertness in karate.


  • offensive
    • Sphaera - User creates a sphere of magical energy. Sphaera is a Latin word for a sphere.
    • Radius - User shoots a beam of magical energy. Radius is a Latin word for a ray.
    • Malleus - User enhances bodyparts with magical energy. Malleus is a Latin word for a hammer.
  • defensive
    • ōbex - User creates a barrier from magical energy. Ōbex is a Latin word for a barrier.




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