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Peak Human powers represent the best of human ability. It is the lowest amount of ability that can be considered a 'superpower' - while it is possible to do these in real life, it represents the absolute pinnacle of human ability limited by physics.

A good example of this bracket is the athleticism of Mr. Terrific/Michael Holt (DC Comics). It's very impressive, but definitely possible for humans.

Peak Human powers can also be used to represent technology. In these cases it means that the technology exists in the modern day, but is cutting-edge and typically difficult to access. An example of Peak-Human Technology would be a fully self-driving car, a quantum computer, or a powered exoskeleton. Note that what's considered 'Peak Human' technology might change over time. This section was written in 2020, so update it as necessary.

Note that magical powers, supernatural abilities, and technology that is beyond the cutting edge of human technology does not belong in this Category. Enhanced Powers shouldn't be in here, nor should Archetypes or Traits.

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