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"Are you machine or being?"
"I am both... and neither. I am my own beginning, my own ending"
― James T. Kirk and The Guardian of Forever (Star Trek)
"Do you have father?"
"Do you have a mother?"
"Oh, you're a Self-Made Man!"
― Frau Pollak and an American

The power to be a self-created being. Variation of Self Origin Manipulation.

Also Called


Users are self-created beings whose existence was brought to actuality by themselves rather than anyone or anything of any condition. Because of this, they possess godlike power and stand at the Zenith of creation and existence. With this power, they are able to be completely free of any being or law, Supreme and otherwise.



Known Users

  • Most Creator Deities (Mythology/Religion)
    • Chaos/Kaos (Greco-Roman Mythology)
    • Amun-Ra (Egyptian Mythology)
    • Atum (Egyptian Mythology)
    • Bennu (Egyptian Mythology)
    • Ptah (Egyptian Mythology)
    • Khepri (Egyptian Mythology); sometimes
    • Amenominakanushi (Japanese/Shinto Mythology)
  • Sproutlings (Legend of Mana)
  • Guardian of Forever (Star Trek)
  • Ultra Comics (DC Comics); being self-narrative
  • Dream Demons (Yumekui Merry)