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*[[Absolute Existence]]
*[[Absolute Existence]]
*[[Complete Arsenal]]
*[[Complete Arsenal]]
*[[Unrestricted Wishes]]
*[[Absolute Wish|Unrestricted Wishes]]

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"This is where you lose to me and die."
― Featherine Augustus Aurora
"Okay then. I want poems about Spider-Man, and I want them finished before you start, and before you start, I want a coffee."
― J. Jonah Jameson (The Simpsons)

The ability to manipulate causality. Basic principle behind all Supernatural Abilities. Most rational expression of Omnipotence.

Also Called

  • Causality Control
  • Causation Control/Manipulation


User can control causality, the relationship between causes and effects, allowing them to literally decide what happens and what doesn't, when and how. There is no need for a "why" however, as the why of something is determined by causality itself, which is at the users' command, making it one of the few powers that reasonably don't need a reason.

The causal alterations can be either specific or systemic. Specific alterations are momentary ones, naturally ceasing with their realization (Absolute Wish). Systemic alterations permanently change the causal structure of reality, enforcing new chains of fate upon it until the user deems it otherwise (System Manipulation).

All existences and phenomena being formed and moved according to causality, the power naturally overrides other abilities as the one driving force behind all of them.

Applications (General)



Applications (Examples)

Low Level:

Mid Level:

High Level:



  • Applications may require precise knowledge about the desired effects/alterations.
  • May be limited to certain fields of causality, such as those only related to the user, or the part of reality they reside in.
  • Some may be limited to potential effects, while others may create their own.
  • Causality Immunity protects users from all but the strongest manipulators.
  • Causality Negation allows users to undo previous causal alterations.

Known Users

Gallery (Power)

Gallery (Users)

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