The power to use the powers and traits of celedons. Variation of Mythic Physiology.


User with this ability either is or can transform into a celedon (Greek Golden Charmers, also Khryseai Keledones, latin Chrysaea Celedones), one of the magical singers crafted from the purest gold by Hephaistos, for the second mythical temple of the god Apollon at Delphi. As such, they were originally considered a type of Automaton, but shortly after their creation, Hephaestus endowed them with life.

As they were forged from the purest gold by the hands of a god, they are strikingly beautiful in appearance and voice and have the shape of either beautiful women, wryneck birds, or a combination of the two: a Siren-like bird women.

The most famous (and most powerful) of the Celedon's abilities is the ability to produce an entrancing ethereal song, similar to that of the Sirens. The song of the original Celedones was enough to soothe a god, as evident by their role in singing for the god Hephaestus.





  • Only females can be Celedons.
  • As automaton-like beings, users may not be able to heal naturally.
    • Healing may require ingestion of gold, or something similar.

Known Users

  • Celedones (Greek Mythology)
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