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|caption = German values his freedom above all else...
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|Row 1 title = Power/Ability to:
|Row 1 title = Power/Ability to:
|Row 1 info = Use the traits of a German}}
|Row 1 info = Use the traits of a Celedon}}
Power to '''use the powers and traits of a German'''. Variation of [[Mythic Physiology]].
Power to '''use the powers and traits of a Celedon'''. Variation of [[Mythic Physiology]].
User with this ability either is or can transform into a [ German] (pronounced "yer-mon"), a blue-skinned male spirit or supernatural being in Slavic Mythology, associated with fertility, especially the coming of rain and hail.
Because of their nature as spirits of rain and hail, German are capable of perceiving oncoming rain or hail with keen psychic accuracy. They can sense when it will begin, how intense it will be, how long it will last and what areas it will hit. This sense is so keen, in fact, that it is often used to determine the route of the German's travels.
In addition, the German can turn invisible, intangible, inaudible, inodorous or even entirely imperceptible to the senses. They are also capable of flight and levitation, standing on clouds as though standing on solid ground, generating miniature rain clouds to ride on, and the like.
Furthermore, their touch rapidly restores and nourishes plant life as though it were touched and fed by the rain. Simply walking over grass, for example, can leave behind the German a trail of grass grown knee-high.
However, its most famous capabilities lie in its weather manipulation. After secluded observation of the inhabitants of a society, and judgment of the society's overall character, the German can decide between calling forth, intensifying, stopping or preventing the rains or the hail.
Preventing the rains might even be so extreme as to result in a prolonged drought, while bringing forth the rain may be intensified to the point of devastating floods.
Strangely, in order bring about or stay these events, however, it must first literally give up its own life, simultaneously stopping its brain, heart and breathing...of its own will. Though, fortunately, the German will immediately resurrect from the dead as soon as the rain has passed.
And should the German ever be successfully (and permanently) killed, the weather will shift to bring forth (or withhold) rain/hail for the same number of ''hours'' as the number of ''years'' that he lived.
Though, it must be noted: not all rain is caused by the German.
*[[Death Inducement]] (on self)
*[[Dimensional Travel]] (to the Elemental Plane of Water, Air and/or Ice)
*[[Enhanced Agility]]
*[[Enhanced Awareness]]
*[[Enhanced Balance]]
*[[Enhanced Condition]]
*[[Enhanced Dexterity]]
*[[Enhanced Reflexes]]
**[[Aerial Adaptation]]
***[[Cold-Proof Skin]]
***[[Enhanced Lung Capacity]]
*[[Life-Force Generation]]
*[[Weather Manipulation]]
**[[Cloud Generation]]
**[[Cloud Manipulation]]
**[[Air Walking|Cloud Walking]]
**[[Ice Generation|Hail Inducement]]
**[[Rain Creation]]
*[[Weather Sensing]]
*[[Slavic Deity Physiology]]
*[[Spirit Physiology]]
*Only males can be (or mimic) [ German]
*Often results in psychological tendency toward a solitary lifestyle
*Often results in strong [ wanderlust]
*Often results in a psychological tendency toward [ nudism] (or at least a desire to wear as little as possible)
*Often results in a pacifist attitude
*Rain Inducement requires that one temporarily die
**Cannot come back to life until the rain ceases
==Known Users==
==Known Users==

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Power to use the powers and traits of a Celedon. Variation of Mythic Physiology.





Known Users

  • German (Slavic Mythology/Folklore)
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