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The ability to control centrifugal force. Sub-power of Vector Manipulation. Variation of Force Manipulation. Opposite to Centripetal Force Manipulation.

Also Called

  • Centrifugal Force Control
  • Rotation Manipulation


The user can make things spin, and make anything spin faster or slower, change the direction of rotation, etc. They can make the air spin to create tornadoes or projectiles spin to change its trajectory, incite overwhelming friction that can elevate temperature and even trigger centralized explosions. They can also create artificial gravity by spinning the air around themselves.




  • At a low-level spinning, objects are very hard to move.
  • May have a limit on how many items can be targeted.

Known Users

  • Geochelone Aerios (Ben 10)
    • Terraspin
  • Spin (Captain Barbell)
  • Users of the Spin (JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Part 7: Steel Ball Run)
  • Thor Odinson (Marvel Comics); via Mjolnir
  • Beta Ray Bill (Marvel Comics)
  • The Great Defender (Mighty Med)
  • Users of Eight Trigrams Palms Revolving Heaven (Naruto)
  • Johann Dietrich (Psyche Mateshitemo)
  • Yoda (Star Wars)
  • Kumokawa Maria (To Aru Majutsu No Index: New Testament)