Power to manipulate the characters of Kanji & Hanja of an object or being. Variation of Literary Manipulation.

Also Called

  • Hanja Users
  • Kanji Users


The user can use Kanji or Hanja characters to manipulate a person or object by changing their Kanja/Hanja character.

For example, one can use a character's definition such as the Japanese kanji for rule and other meanings to control someone and create several other effects. One can use a character this way to rule over a person or create a Law (i.e. that person can only use their right leg for combat). The user can use kanji to rule the people around them by their method of rule turning the people into puppets to rule over (available to higher level users).



  • May only be able to change a character of an object
  • If the user can't read Kanji Characters at all this power is useless
  • If the user is uncreative, their character manipulation will be limited.
  • The user can be hindered if they possess characters that have no use or meaning.

Known Users


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