The ability to continue charging attacks without interruption. Technique of Infinite Energy. Variation of Charged Attacks.

Also Called

  • Continuous Charging
  • Continuous Charge Attack
  • Uninterrupted Charging


The user is able to charge their attacks, such as an energy beam or a charged move attack, and not have to stop or start over if they are attacked, distracted, etc. by someone or something. the user does not have to worry about being interrupted and having their charge attacks stopped so that they don't have to charge it all over again, as they continue charging even when hit or interrupted. So if the user was punched while charging, the charging would go on and not stop, meaning the user does not have to do it over again.



  • May need to focus to keep this power going.
  • May still be subject to pain, and thus, is not invulnerable.

Known Users

  • Aram (Chain Chronicle)
  • Derous (Toriko)
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