The power to gain strength from the cheering of other people. Variation of Affinity. Not to be confused with Arena Empowerment.

Also Called

  • Support Empowerment


User becomes stronger, faster, more durable, etc. through cheering from spectators and fans, possibly unlocking abilities related to the affinity and enhancing their existing powers. Users may be able to use the cheering to evolve onto more powerful forms or heal themselves upon hearing cheering.




  • May be limited by the presence and durability of the people cheering the user.

Known Users

  • Mask De Masculine (Bleach)
  • Ember McClain (Danny Phantom)
  • Brianne de Chateau/Ribrianne (Dragon Ball Super)
  • Mahora Cheerleading Squad (Negima); via Pactio
    • Madoka Kugimiya
    • Misa Kakizaki
    • Sakurako Shiina
  • Various Precures (Precure: Series)
  • Creations (Re:Creators)


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