The power to take on the abilities of a Cherufe, a type Demonic Giant Physiology.

Also Called

  • Cherufe Mimicry


Users of this ability have the ability to take on the traits of a Cherufe or are one, a Cherufe is a near-apocalyptic demonic giant from Mapuche folklore that was believed to reside in volcanoes, resembling massive humanoids made out of magma, crystal and rock - they would cause untold destruction via causing volcanic eruptions, earthquakes and other phenomena, the only way to appease them was said to be the sacrifice of a virgin, who would be thrown into the volcano in hopes of preventing the Cherufe from causing more chaos.





  • May be appeased by human sacrifice.
  • Due to its demonic and giant nature Giant Slayers and Demon Slayers may also be able to harm it.

Known Users

  • Cherufe (Mapuche Folklore)
  • Cherufe (The Secret Saturdays)
  • Cherufe (Lost Girl)
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