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*[[Happiness Inducement]]: Santa's purpose is to bring joy to all the world.
*[[Cold Immunity]]
*[[Desire Intuition]]: Santa knows what each child in the world wants for Christmas.
*[[Happiness Inducement]]
*[[Morality Viewing]]: Santa knows which kids have been naughty or nice.
*[[Ice Magic]]
*[[Leadership Empowerment]]: Santa has a loyal workforce of Elves to make all the toys he delivers.
*[[Party Inducement]]
*[[Dimensional Storage]]: Santa can hold thousands of presents in his magic sack.
*[[Time Manipulation]], explains how Santa delivers all of his presents in one night via slowing/halting the flow of time.
*[[Levitation]]: Santa can allow his reindeer and sleigh to fly.
*[[Enhanced Speed]]/[[Time Reduction]]: Santa can deliver all of his presents in one night.
*[[Heat Generation]]/[[Cold Immunity]]: Santa's body always warm due to his warm heart.
*[[Coal Manipulation]]: Santa brings coal to those who are naughty.
*[[Old Prime]]: Santa is as strong as ever despite his age.
*[[Belief Empowerment]]: The more people that believe in Santa, the more powerful Santa becomes.
*[[Candy Manipulation]]
*[[Candy Manipulation]]
*[[Toy Manipulation]]
*[[Winter Manipulation]]
*[[Hanukkah Entity Physiology]]
*[[Hanukkah Entity Physiology]]
*[[Holiday Entity Physiology]]
*[[Krampus Physiology]]
*[[Krampus Physiology]]
*[[Past Embodiment]] (Ghost of Christmas Past)
*[[Winter Manipulation]]
*[[Present Embodiment]] (Ghost of Christmas Present)
*[[Future Embodiment]] (Ghost of Christmas Future)

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Power to use the traits of a Christmas entity. Variation of Holiday Entity Physiology.

Also Called

  • Christmas Entity Mimicry/Form
  • Noël Entity Mimicry/Form


The user either is or can become a Christmas entity, personification of Christmas and its variations. The powers of a user can differ greatly based upon what aspect of the holiday they take the shape of. They do not necessarily need to be one of the traditional holiday entities.





  • All powers may only be active on Christmas or around the Christmas season.
  • The user may only be allowed to roam freely on Christmas.

Known Users

  • Santa Claus (Various Media)


  • Finland (Hetalia)



  • Ghost of Christmas Past (A Christmas Carol)
  • Ghost of Christmas Present (A Christmas Carol)
  • Ghost of Christmas Yet-To-Come (A Christmas Carol)
  • Santa Claus/Baldr (Krampus: The Yule Lord)
  • Hogfather (Discworld)


  • Joulupukki (Rare Exports: A Christmas Tale)
  • Krampus (Krampus)


  • Santa Claus (Men In Black)
  • Nicholas St. North (Rise of the Guardians)
  • Kinish Crinkle (Chowder)
  • Mr. Hankey (South Park)

Video Games

  • Nicola (Valkyrie Crusade)
  • Noel (Valkyrie Crusade)


Known Locations

  • The North Pole (Stories/Various Media)

Western Animation

  • Christmas Town (Tim Burton's The Nightmare Before Christmas)



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