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The ability to learn the history of whatever user eats. Technique of Digestive Manipulation. Variation of Psychometry.

Also Called

  • Consumption Psychometry
  • Food Psionics


The user can learn the history of whatever they consume. They can determine the way the consumed food was grown, the pesticides that were used, how an animal or creature was killed to make it, etc. This ability also applies to living creatures as well as the user can consume a portion of them to determine their history and secrets.




  • The user must be able to consume the target in question to analyze it.
  • There may be foods present that do not give a psychic sensation to the user.
  • Some foods may cause unpleasant visions.

Known Users

  • Cipopaths (Image Comics)
    • Tony Chu (Chew)
    • Olive Chu (Chew)
    • Mason Savory (Chew)
  • Mai Natsume (BlazBlue ReMix Heart!)
  • The Regulator (From Dusk Till Dawn)