The ability to advance civilization to a futuristic state. Sub-power of Civilization Manipulation. Opposite to Civilization Regression.

Also Called

  • Civilization Progression
  • Civilization Upgrade


The user can advance civilizations to future states, including a civilization's culture, society, technology, sciences, economy, transport, communications, tools, weapons, etc. With this power, starting with a civilization's current state, one could, if it was currently a primitive civilization, advance it to the futuristic or space of civilization, or even something more advanced. Technology, economics, all forms of transport, science, society and such would all be evolved as if they time traveled to the future, or fast forwarded in time.



  • May be limited to how far they can advance civilization.
  • May be limited to changing civilization to one particular state.
  • Growth Negation

Known Users

See Also: One Man Industrial Revolution.

  • Celestine (Ah! My Goddess)
  • Kazura Shino (I Won 4 Billion Yen In a Lottery But Went to Another World)
  • The Seven Students (The Super High Schoolers Affording to Live in Another World!)

Known Locations

  • Kelemane's Planet (Star Trek Voyager)
  • Wakandan (Marvel Comics)
  • Latveria (Marvel Comics)
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