The ability to regress civilization to a past state. Sub-power of Civilization Manipulation. Opposite to Civilization Advancement.

Also Called

  • Civilization Downgrade/Reversion


The user can regress civilizations to past states, including a civilization's culture, society, technology, sciences, economy, transport, communications, tools, weapons, etc. With this power, starting with a civilization's current state, one could, if it was currently a modern civilization, regress it to stone age civilization, or even something in between. Technology, economics, all forms of trans port, science, society and such would all be devolved as if they time traveled to the past, or rewind itself back in time.



  • May be limited to how far back they can devolve civilization.
  • May be limited to changing civilization to one particular state.

Known Users

  • Eiji (Isekai Rebuilding Project)
  • Myyah Hawwa (Xenogears); via Society Control
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