"What if I need you? What if I have questions?
"That's your problem Bruce, that's everyone's problem. You keep looking up."
― Bruce Nolan and God (Bruce Almighty)

The power to gain information of all sorts through intrinsic means. Variation of Extrasensory Perception. Not be confused with Intuitive Aptitude.

Also Called

  • Clear-Knowing/Thinking/Knowledge
  • Indiscernible Contact
  • Intuitive Insight/Information/Sense
  • Intrinsic Knowledge/Sense
  • Inner-Knowing/Thinking/Knowledge
  • Just Know Something
  • Listen To Your Gut Feeling
  • Psychic-Knowing/Thinking/Knowledge


The user can gain information about a person, object, place, skillset, ability, or event through intrinsic knowledge, as in it just "comes to" the user's mind. In addition, users could psychically perceive information from past, present, and future events or locations currently beyond mental or sensory range. Furthermore, they could acquire knowledge from disembodied spirits and other extradimensional entities, wherein enables them to translate other biological senses into a cognitive equivalent. This power may even allow a user to receive changes to (i.e. language, memory, judgment.)





  • Users of Psychic Shield (highly resistant) and Psychic Immunity (impervious).
  • Users may have intuitive hunches when this power is triggered.
  • May have to wait a while between uses.
  • May only work with people or an object.
  • May overload the conscious mind without regulation.

Known Users

  • Green Dragon Lamas (Archer & Armstrong)
  • Obadiah Archer (Archer & Armstrong)
  • Beings with Intellectus (Dresden Files)
  • Whispered (Full Metal Panic)
  • Draph (Heroes)
  • Nereus (Percy Jackson and The Olympians)
  • Cassie Nightingale (Good Witch)
  • Grace Russell (Good Witch)
  • Abigail Pershing (Good Witch)


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