Power to manipulate the inner working of clocks and other timepieces. Mix of Technology Manipulation and Time Manipulation.

Also Called

  • Chronomentrokinesis/Chronometrokinesis
  • Clock Control
  • Timepiece Manipulation/Control
  • Timer Manipulation/Control
  • Watch Manipulation/Control


The user can psychically manipulate the function of clocks. The user can psychically move hands on a clock forward, move them backward or stop the hands entirely. Some users can also manipulate internal gears, springs, cogs and other internal pieces that make up timepieces. Some can even manipulate the inner workings of electronic clocks, and the like, to deceive those requiring them to keep track of time.


  • Deceiving foes who require timepieces (clocks, watches, timers, etc) to keep track of time.
  • Foil machines that keep track of time (timers, stopwatches, bombs, etc)
  • Some users can manipulate sundials
  • Mystic users can manipulate time by manipulating the time shown on a timepiece



  • Most users of this ability cannot actually manipulate time, only what time is displayed on a clock, watch, etc.
  • If subjects can see the light of day outside, or has the ability Temporal Cognition, they can see that the time on the manipulated clock, watch, etc is false
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