"Oh, you are beautiful! No really, you are, you're gorgeous! Space-age clockwork, I love it, I've got chills! Listen, I mean this from the heart- and by the way, count those- it would be a crime, it would be an act of vandalism to disassemble you. But that won't stop me."
― The Doctor warning and admiring the Clockwork Droids.

The power to use the abilities of clockwork mechanism. Primitive variation of Bionic Physiology. Not to be confused with Clock Mimicry.

Also Called

  • Clockpunk Body/Form/Physiology/Robot
  • Clockwork Body/Form/Robot


User with this ability either is or can transform into clockwork mechanism: a machine that is made up of springs, gearwheels and other clock associated parts. Abilities may vary from user to user, as some users may utilize different designs from others. Some users may be reliant on wind up tools to function, requiring them to 'recharge' or else they will become inactive. Some users may use batteries or other such power supplies to literally set their gears in motion. Powerful users may utilize perpetual motion as a power source, running forever unless affected by an external force. These users may also be able to store unused kinetic energy for a later purpose, assuming they have a method of storing it.

This ability is a primitive form of Bionic Physiology, meaning the user will be limited on what technology is available to them. Users will be able to engage in melee fighting, using their gear power and spring loaded punches to deliver powerful strikes. Built-in weaponry can include simple weapons such as blades to more advanced weapons such as chainsaws, guns, and explosive launchers. Users may also have limited mobility, using slow, jerky movements and next to no acrobatic skills.

Although primitive, users of this power have several advantages against other machines. Users that run on wind up tools or perpetual motion will be unaffected by EMP based assaults, as there are no electrical components to affect or at the least very few. This immunity to EMP comes at a cost however as users may have a limited processing power and have no access to more advanced technology such as telepotation or energy weapons.

Powerful users may be able to control every spring and gear in their body, allowing them to modify themselves in the middle of battle or perform repairs by literally pulling themselves back together. These users may also be able to use the kinetic energy of their moving parts to power more advanced tools. Users can enter a state of overclocking in which they speed up their gears and components to allows for temporary boosts in performance. This can cause damage if used for prolonged periods of time.





  • May have limited movement and acrobatic skills, moving in a slow jerky, fashion.
  • Users that require wind up tools to recharge will suffer in a long, drawn out battle.
  • Users with limited processing power are useless if required to perform advanced tasks.
  • A users components may be jammed by foreign substances such as sand or dirt.

Known Users

See Also: Clock Punk and Clockwork Creature




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  • RyuZU (Clockwork Planet)

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  • The Ancient Gear Archetype (Yu-Gi-Oh!)

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