The ability to attract coins without physical touch. A sub power of Monetary Manipulation.

Also Called

  • Money Magnetism
  • Currency Magnetism
  • Coin Attraction


  • Saving the public embarrassment of bending over and picking up coins.
  • Earn more money fast.
  • Unknowingly find hidden money. E.g. behind a wall, under a car...
  • Piss off someone by sliding the coin around.
  • Lure someone in by dragging the coin slowly with your magnetic touch.
  • Claim you're magical and perfom tricks.
  • High-leveled users can reverse the magnetism and use coins as projectiles.
  • Rob cash registers of their change without touching it or rob people's pockets.


  • People may get suspicious.
  • It may start a fight if you keep stealing peoples' money.

Known Users

  • Runners (Temple Run) -via coin magnet.
  • Fred (Running Fred) -via coin magnet.
  • Baby Wario (Yoshi's Island DS)
  • Wario (Super Mario/Wario Land)
  • Crystal Skull (Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull)
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