The power to nullify or be immune to coincidence. Sub-power of Plot Control. Not to be confused with Equality.

Also Called

  • Coincidence Immunity/Nullification
  • Probability Immunity/Nullification


The user has the power to nullify or be immune to coincidence, preventing the whims of fate from interfering with a battle or activity the user is participating. This power takes good and bad luck out of the equation and can be considered a counter to "plot-armor".


Known Users

  • Kazuma Sakura (Good Luck Girl); via Keystone
  • Shiori Sakura (Good Luck Girl); via Keystone
  • Zenkichi Hitoyoshi (Medaka Box)
  • BB (Fate/Extra)
  • Rider of Red/Achilles (Fate/Apocrypha)


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