"The willpower that exceeds annihilation. Has he transcended into a world of his own...during this battle?! The fight against a stronger opponent, The vigor that will not yield, The fighting spirit that exceeds limits, Has he been transcending that whole time?!"
― Gabramelleck (Soul Cartel)
"Talent in battle, That is strengthened with each fight. And a talent of transcendence. Such is the power for those familiar with the smell of battle. Living on, living on again, after a bloody fight....only to head to the next battlefield....a thirst for combat. One eventually begins to enjoy this sensation. One begins to feel that his senses are awake in the battle, there arises a certain madness, always looking for a battle ground. Such is the effect of fights. You shall also walk the same fate. You are just like me. Becoming accustomed to combat. Which you can't win, Unless you embrace a sense of madness."
― Mephistopheles (Soul Cartel)

The power to transcend one's state of being through combat. Variation of Self Transcendence. Not to be confused with Combat Empowerment.

Also Called

  • Battle Transcendence
  • Combat Transcendence
  • Fighting Transcendence


Users can transcend their physical, mental, spiritual, and existential limitations through combat. Achieving an even higher state of being as long as their locked in the heat of battle. This could lead to the user transcending from being a mere mortal to becoming a unique being of unparalleled might. Surpassing their entire species as a whole, reaching godlike territory and beyond through combative means.

Since users transcend their personal boundaries through combat, their combat skills will be on a transcendent level each time the user ascends, users are also most likely to gain new abilities through their transcendence.

Users have the utmost potential to rank among and even surpassing the mightiest beings with the highest level of combat proficiency.

Unlike Combat Empowerment, the user's increase in progress or combat proficiency doesn't fade when the battle is at its conclusion, and instead of just being empowered while locked in combat, the user transcends their combat skills and their personal boundaries to require a new state of being in every battle.




Known Users

  • Cha Shi-Hun (Soul Cartel)
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