The ability to auto-correct one's actions. Variation of Superior Activity.

Also Called

  • Action Compensation
  • Righting Reflex


The user can auto-correct any actions, movements and attacks they are doing when something goes wrong with what they are doing. For example, if they trip, they flip and land on their feet instead of falling down. If they lose their grip on a swinging bar, they land on their feet regardless of position in the air. If knocked back, they land on their feet and hands and thus recover from being knocked back quickly. If they are sent flying upside down, they can right themselves by rotating to the proper position. If they are fixing something, and are knocked into the air, they can recover and continue fixing before landing without penalty. In other words, the worst of messes become successes in terms of actions.




  • May not work after a number of uses.
  • Can be interfered with.

Known Users

  • Landlord (Kung Fu Hustle)
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