The power to process information at incredible speeds. Sub-power of Cyber Mind.


The user possesses the analytical prowess of a supercomputer, allowing them to compute and process information at great speeds.



Known Users

  • Superman (DC Comics)
  • The Flash (DC Comics)
  • Slade Wilson/Deathstroke (DC Comics)
  • Midnighter (DC Comics/Wildstorm)
  • CJ Ward (Tower Prep)
  • Eradicator (DC Comics)
  • Indigo/Brainiac 8 (DC Comics)
  • The Doctor (Doctor Who)
  • The Master (Doctor Who)
  • Time Lords/Ladies (Doctor Who)
  • Shatterstar (Marvel Comics)
  • Steven Grant Rogers/Captain America (Marvel Comics)
  • Vision (Marvel Comics)
  • Fi (The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword)
  • Kate Jones (Ripley's Bureau of Investigation)
  • Kyle (Kyle XY)
  • Jessi (Kyle XY)
  • Max Guevara (Dark Angel)
  • Adam (Buffy the Vampire Slayer)
  • Brainstorm (Ben 10)
  • Grey Matter (Ben 10)
  • Accelerator (To Aru Majutsu No Index)
  • Sherlock Holmes (Sherlock Holmes franchise)
  • Professor Moriarty (Sherlock Holmes novels)
  • Tecna (Winx Club)
  • Shiro (No Game No Life)
  • Monica Green (Witch Girls)
  • Sage (Marvel Comics/The Gifted)

 Known Objects

  • Super-Soldier Serum (Marvel Comics)


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