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The power to control computer viruses and malware. Variation of Technology Manipulation. Opposite to Anti-Virus Manipulation.

Also Called

  • Computer Corruption Alteration/Control/Manipulation/Mastery
  • Computer Virus Alteration/Control/Mastery
  • Malware Control/Manipulation


User can control computer viruses and malware, including computer viruses, Trojan horses, computer worms, malware, spyware, adware, ransomware and other kinds of things harmful to the computer.


  • Can harm files or programs.
  • Can keep people from using something unless they pay.
  • Can spy on another person's computer.
  • Can make computers not work properly.
  • Can be used to steal personal information from others.
  • Replicate viruses onto other computers.
  • Can send computer viruses and malware to other computers.
  • Can make computer systems unstable.
  • Can negatively affect system performance.
  • Can cause unusual behavior in computers.
  • Can change the properties of existing viruses.




  • Some malware an viruses may not be able to get past computer security.
  • Some viruses and malware may not work in favor of the user in some ways.
  • User may be limited to controlling the computer viruses they personally create.
  • The user can be countered by Anti-Virus Manipulation.

Known Users