The ability to use concealment-based magic. Form of Magic.

Also Called

  • Magic Camouflage/Cloak/Hiding
  • Mystic Camouflage/Cloak/Hiding
  • Camouflage/Cloaking/Hiding Magic
  • Camouflage/Cloaking/Hiding Mysticism
  • Stealth Magic


The user is capable of utilizing a form of magic meant for hiding and camouflage. This could mean that it is immune to detection from magic, technology and human interaction, only being detectable to those who already know of its whereabouts.

Concealed objects range from tangible things like people, objects and locations, to intangible ones like secrets, information and memories.




  • Magic Negation/Magic Destruction
  • Magic could be circumvented by other specific forms of magic.
  • Might only be temporary.
  • Might only unplottable by certain means (meaning it can't be detected by technology or magic).
  • Might only be unplottable to specific individuals.
  • Could become unplottable even to the user.
  • Does not work against Reality Perception.

Known Users

Known Objects

Known Locations

  • 12 Grimmauld Place (Harry Potter)
  • Azkaban (Harry Potter)


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