The ability to create concepts. Sub-power of Concept Manipulation. Variation of Creation. Opposite to Concept Destruction. Not to be confused with Principle Creation.

Also Called

  • Conceptual Creation


User can create concepts, be it to create completely new ones, or to create again concepts that were destroyed.




Known Users

  • Mushi/Insect Logos (Aquarion Logos)
  • The Angel (Eat-Man)
  • Oramus (Exalted)
  • Hajime Nagumo (From Common Job to the Strongest in the World)
  • Nyx/Nox (Greco-Roman Mythology)
  • Gleaming Darkness (Juushinki Pandora)
  • Cybelle (Valkyrie Crusade)
  • Arceus (Pokémon)
  • He-Who-Made-Dark and He-Who-Made-Light (SCP Foundation)
  • The Brothers Death (SCP Foundation)
  • Kagu-tsuchi (Shinto Mythology)
  • 8 Million Gods/Yaoyorozu no Kami (Touhou Project); created and defined all concepts

Known Locations

  • The Logos World (Aquarion Logos)


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