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" Imagine if it got the idea in its head that it didn’t like the concept of empathy, and suddenly empathy no longer existed. We have evidence that suggests that may have already happened. A few sparse texts and individual accounts of half-forgotten memories, all consistent with a dirty reality alteration, all point to the idea that as recently as the 1980’s there was a concept, potentially even something as fundamental as an emotion, that no longer exists. An entire concept, wiped clean from reality and the collective consciousness of all sentient beings, just like you’d wipe a bug off of your windshield."
― Dr. Kari Yamamara (SCP Foundation)
"Honor....What a useless concept."
― Rear Admiral Lynch (Legend of the Galactic Heroes)

The ability to destroy concepts. Sub-power of Concept Manipulation. Variation of Destruction. Opposite to Concept Creation.

Also Called

  • Alpha Ragnarok
  • Abstraction Annihilation


The user can destroy any/all forms of concepts. 




Known Users

Known Objects/Places