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"Music is the strongest form of magic."
― Marilyn Manson
"Music is its own reality!"
― Cyborg (Teen Titans Go!)

The power to alter reality through the use of music and songs. Improved version of Music Manipulation. Variation of Reality Warping.

Also Called

  • Miracle Songs
  • Song Magic
  • Transcendent Songs


The user can alter reality through the usage of musical mediums such as tunes, rhythms, songs, etc. and be able to cause a variety of effects with this utilization.

These can range from manifesting something from one's own imaginations, to converting feelings and emotions into power, to even performing miracles. As long as the user can perform music, and is in a emotional state to properly do so, the effects said above and many others can be achieved.

Speaking of emotions, the mood of the user can and will reflect on their song and by extension, the result they are trying to manifest. Success and failure of this power are critically reliant on the user's mental state. That factor is what determines the potency and restraint of any phenomena the user attempts to invoke.

Everything is swayed in a flow of sound. People, objects, and even the world itself. All of which are freely manipulated from the simple music the user performs, being only dampened by their emotions and skill of the art.




  • Limited to performing feats using songs/musics as mediums.
  • User's current mood may have unwanted effects if not controlled.
  • User's mood also has a play in the abilities' effects: if the user is in depression, effects maybe reduced and/or the coordination and finesse of both the music and action may be impeded, etc.

Known Users

  • Yi (Abominable)
  • Goddesses (Ah! My Goddess)
  • Wyld Stallyns (Bill & Ted Face the Music); via Fabled Song
    • Ted “Theodore” Logan
    • William S. "Bill" Preston, Esq.
  • Anyone capable of Song Magic (EXA_PICO universe)
  • Edward Chris Von Muir (Final Fantasy IV)
  • Weavers (Loom)
  • Rhapsody (Marvel Comics)
  • Mermaids (Muromi-san)
  • Sierra Aud (Phaeton)
  • Ainur (The Silmarillion); via the Ainulindale
  • Nymph (Sora No Otoshimono)
  • Sylvia Lyyneheym (The Asterisk War)
  • Harmonia (Valkyrie Crusade)
  • Lewis Pepper (Mystery Skulls Animated)
  • B.E.R. (Teen Titans Go!)