The power to be in a constant state of death. Related to Death Recreation.

Also Called

  • Constant Death
  • Constantly Dying
  • Consistent State of Death
  • Perpetual Death
  • Perpetual State of Death
  • Perpetually Dying


The user is in a state of constant death. They are guaranteed to repeatedly die. Some force, whether it is one they supernaturally generate or an external force is creating scenarios for the user to perpetually die. The circumstance heavily differ from users to users. Some users are trapped and have to repeat the same actions and the same death. Other users may be able to go about their day with the caveated that they are attracting things that will kill them. The length of constant death that occurs may be dictated by a set amount of time they must die, a set duration of time such as 80 days, a specific period of time such as once a day, how long to it takes for them to die naturally, until a certain event occurs such as completing a challenge, or it may be infinitely occurring. Unless some other force removes or ends the constant state, the user will die over and over.



Because the user is constantly dying, in order to die again, they by nature have some way to come back. They may possess one or more of these methods in order to come back.


  • Death Field Projection - The user may use their constant death to their advantage and bring other people down with them then come back to life.




  • The user's constant state of death may never expire.
  • Resurrection Negation will stop the cycle, although some users may consider that a blessing.
  • They may have the same death as oppose to a different one every time.
  • There maybe rules to the powers. For instance the user may not be able to use their constant death to kill anyone.
  • There may be a set limit to how many time they can come back.
  • Eternal Rest Inducement can end the constant state.
  • The state may be permanent and unremovable.
  • The user may not remember after dying.
  • Some user may not be able to have a life outside of dying.
  • Other people may not remember them dying or the circumstances around their death after they come back.

Known Users

  • Abel (DC Comics)
  • Heartman (Death Stranding)
  • Hyatt (Excel Saga)
  • Happy Tree Friends (Happy Tree Friends)
  • Fujjimi Yomiku (Immortal Dying Girl)
  • Diavolo (JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Part V: Golden Wind/Vento Aureo)
  • Hibiya Amamiya and Hiyori Asahina (Kagerou Project)
  • Subaru Natsuki (Re:Zero ~Starting Life In Another World~)
  • Kenny Mccormick (South Park)
  • Oliver (Supernatural); formerly
  • Prometheus (Supernatural)



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