"Its hungry for flesh....and Knowledge!"
― Steve Smith (American Dad)

The ability to learn everything about subject through consumption. Technique of Biological Absorption.


User can learn anything about the subject by consuming it.



  • May have a limit to how large the user can learn.
  • May carry around the knowledge for a limited time.

Known Users

  • White Blood Cells (Cells At Work)
  • Thanatos (Dragonaut: The Resonance); via Absorption
  • ELS (Gundam OO: The Movie)
  • Shojoji (Boruto)
  • Space Marines (Warhammer 40k); via Omophagea
  • All Protagonists (The Elder Scrolls series); via consuming ingredients and learning their properties.
  • Apes of Gorilla City (DC Comics); via Cerecorbis, the consumption of another's brain.
  • Crash (Crash and Bernstein); via eating books about a certain topic
  • Hedrox the Infinite (BloodRayne)
  • Evolved (Prototype franchise)
    • Alex Mercer
    • James Heller


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