The power to access and use super powers when in contact with one or more people.

Also Called

  • Team Power


Users can utilize supernatural abilities when they are in physical contact with another individual. This allows them to work as a team in any situation.




  • The user(s) may have to be in contact with a certain person or people.
  • The user(s) may have to be within either a certain range or in contact in order to activate the power.
  • The user(s) might have to remain in contact for the power to remain active.
  • The user(s) might not get along with their partner and not be able to use the power to its full potential.

Known Users




  • Melissa Glaser, Cassie Blake, Nick Armstrong, Jake Armstrong, Faye Chamberlain, Adam Conant & Diana Meade (The Secret Circle); only Cassie and Diana can use magic on their own

Live Television

  • Cyd and Shelby (Best Friends Whenever); both gain Time Travel
  • Vara and Olga as Varga (Varga); when both hold each of their hands together, they fuse and become a single person known as Varga, a very powerful superhuman who becomes a real heroine
  • Kai Parker (The Vampire Diaries); via Magical Energy Absorption


Video Games

  • Plusle and Minun (Pokémon); raises their attack power via their abilities Plus and Minus when the two are in battle together


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