"I feel as if the virus is taking possession of my body... Animal instincts will overwhelm my mind very soon. My body is mutating and turning into a formless thing that thirsts for blood. What would I like at this moment? Just one thing - a bullet straight to my heart..."
― Alexander Korolyov, infected by the R2D Virus, slowly mutating into the Brain Tree. (Paranoia)

Power to convert a being into another type of being through the use of pathogens. Variation of Conversion.

Also Called

  • Bacterial Conversion
  • Disease Conversion
  • Infected/Infection Conversion
  • Plague Conversion
  • Virus/Viral Conversion


The user can turn others into another type of being through the use of pathogens (viruses, bacteria, germs, etc.).




  • User may not be immune to the negative effects of the virus.
  • Infection vector may differ, from physical contact with the victim, to contact with some fluid of theirs, to being airborne, waterborne, or some other type of infection method.
  • Effects may be temporary or irreversible.
  • Some targets may be immune.
  • May be limited on how much matter can be changed at once.
  • May be involuntary/always on.
  • Curing can undo the conversion.
  • Conversion Negation/Conversion Immunity

Known Users

See Also: The Virus.

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