The power to bind & drag others while teleporting. Sub-power of Teleportation.

Also Called

  • Geo-Carpooling
  • Warp Wave Tethering


User can establish a tele-transportation link with whatever or whomever they desire in order to bring them alongside themselves with/without the need of physical contact. This can be initiated whether one wills it too or not as the matter transport effect can sweep up everything around it alongside the transporter.




  • May be exhausting at first.
  • May not function properly at times.
  • Some items may not be effected.
  • Users of Tracking Evasion and Spatiolock are immune.

Known User

  • Providence (Image/Wildstorm Comics)
  • Spartan (Image/Wildstorm Comics); via Void empowerment.
  • Void (Image/Wildstorm Comics)
  • David Rice (Jumper)
  • Griffin (Jumper)
  • Slipstream (Marvel Comics)
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